Heidelberg to Baden-Baden

DAY 7: (July 29): Heidelberg to Baden-Baden, 387, 59, 1654 ft, 28 ft/mi; 3:20 @ 18 mph M DAY 8: (July 30): rest day in Baden-Baden Baden-Baden is a cool resort town where we will enjoy our first off-day.
  • to do: Friedrichsbad Bath, a few castles and good places to walk, eat, drink and wander around on an off day
  • we're staying at the Hotel Merkur

One Response to Heidelberg to Baden-Baden

  1. Pa says:

    If you get this in time, take a couple of glances East as you ride to Baden – Baden, Paul. Your Uncle Ancel was in two Stalags during WWII – first at Stalag Luft 3 in Sagan Silesia, Bavaria just N of Ingolstadt and then he was moved to an officers Stalag in Langwasser which is in the SE sector of Nuremburg.

    Your brother is here and we all wish you a safe journey.

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