Day off in Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is famous for its "curative waters" and its civic history dates to the Romans who built elaborate bath houses here. We visited one of the two large bath houses where there are a variety of large pools ranging in temperature from 90 to 100 degrees, plus some sauna rooms that felt like we were surfing on the surface of the sun. The back and leg massage that completed the process was outstanding and left me nearly comatose. Breakfast was in the hotel (see pic below), and then we walked up and down Lichtentaler Allee, which is a path next to a stream running through the side of town. We even visited a museum about the history of Baden-Baden. There is a famous casino here, but it requires a level of formal attire that we didn't have. We ate dinner at Oster Stromboli via a recommendation from Trip Advisor and it was excellent. Minestrone soup, salad, pizza and pasta plus some Sicilian wine. Today we are riding through the Black Forest to St. Georgen. We were going to go to Strasbourg, but decided to skip it and save 20 miles. Today begins our climbing and tomorrow we'll be in Switzerland as we make our way through the Alps with the big crossing on Wednesday over St. Gotthard's pass.

Breakfast buffet

We skipped the open bar at breakfast...

Our hotel - the open windows are our room

You can just see my cycling jersey drying in the window. Yes, we are very classy!

One of the bath houses

The streets in Baden Baden are pedestrian only are lined with cafes and other places tempting you with delicious treats.

Lichtentaler Allee. The stream bed is lined with large cut stones.

Proseco with lunch

The Theater House

Museum of Baden-Baden's history

An old roulette wheel with races horses


Paul has been kind of hard on his bike during this trip.

We see these signs everywhere and haven't figured out what the top and bottom ones mean.

Amsterdam is 450 km away! SF is even farther.

We'll be in Zurich in 2 days and Rome in awhile after that...

3 Responses to Day off in Baden-Baden

  1. Pa says:

    You guys are making great progress. Good luck in the Alps! The round white sign with the outer red band means road closed, all vehicles prohibited. The bike sign below is a supplement saying it’s ok to use it for bikes. Not sure on the bottom sign but it probably has something to do with not stopping/standing/blocking the road/path.

    Here’s a pretty good website on German traffic control signs:

    Stay Safe,

  2. Steve Gray says:

    Round blue signs with a red border are parking signs in Germany. A single diagonal red line means restricted parking. A red “X” in the middle means no parking or stopping. The white arrow(s) indicate the direction(s) to which the sign applies. In the picture above, that means there is no parking/stopping in either direction of the sign. I believe the newer version of that sign has an arrow in the bottom blue section in one direction and another in the top pointing in the opposite direction so it is easier to read. Enjoy the trip. I’m trying to make my way back home from AFG and this is the first internet connection I’ve had in a long while. Thanks for the link to this page dad and a very belated happy birthday to you!

  3. Sean says:

    The great pictures of Baden Baden really make me miss Germany. So glad things are going well!

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