Arnhem to Düsseldorf

DAY 3 (July 25): Arnhem to Dusseldorf, 134, 75, 1075 ft, 14 ft/mi; 4:30 @ 16.5 - mph E/M Today's ride is 75 miles long, but it is very flat and we plan to ride at a comfortable pace and stop a couple times for meals. Should be a fun way to spend our first day in Germany. Our hotel, the Dusseldorf, Hotel National is part of the German "Bett+Bike" system, which means they cater to travelers on bike. Dusseldorf is pretty much an unknown for us, but we needed to put in some miles on this day and wanted to stop in a decent sized town. The "Größte Kirmes am Rhein" festival will be underway when we arrive, so that might make for some fun. Other attractions include:
  • Rhine Tower for the views
  • Altstadt for atmosphere, dining, drinking, etc.
  • Schloss Benrass because it’s a castle and we might not be sick of them yet

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