Amsterdam to Arnhem

DAY 2 (July 24): Amsterdam to Arnhem, 59 mi, 59 mi, 1243 ft, 19 ft/mi; 3:20 @ 20 mph M/H This is the second day of our trip, but the first real day of riding. 66 miles will make this about an averages day's ride for distance, but it will be very flat and shouldn't be very difficult if we keep the pace reasonable.
  • walk over the “bridge too far” from Operation Market Garden
  • to do: Airborne Museum, Netherlands Open-Air Museum and National Heritage Museum
  • main attraction is the bridge - might be easier to go walk over it than trying to ride over it
  • Staying at the Hotel Molendal

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  2. Я не могу воздержаться и не прокомментировать.
    Очень хорошо написано!

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