Amsterdam to Arnhem

Tally Ho!!

There are two ways to looking at riding in the cold rain – it sucks, or it doesn’t suck quite as bad as you feared. Fortunately for us, the latter was true for most of your 4+ wet and cold 61 mile ride from Amsterdam to Arnhem yesterday. We kept hoping the rain would let up late in the day and so we didn’t leave until after 3pm yesterday, but the rain never did stop. The ride through Amsterdam was still fun, however, and we were both grinning about finally riding our bikes in Europe.

One of Amsterdam's ubiquitous canals - note the raindrops!!

Not only were there good bike paths in Amsterdam, but also there were bike paths all the way to Arnhem. It was amazing to see other people out riding during the rain, and most of them were just riding for transportation – it seems that getting wet is just part of life in The Netherlands. Luckily, I figured out a few days before we left how to load maps onto my Garmin cycling computer. Usually I just use the Garmin to record data about my ride, but the directions were invaluable and we would have never, ever made it yesterday without them. For example, at one point, we were literally riding through a cornfield on very small rural road and it was reassuring to have the Garmin show us we were indeed clicking off miles in the right direction.

The Netherlands seem to be covered with excellent bike paths rolling through beautiful scenery.

I can’t tell you too much about Arnhem because we didn’t get in until after 8pm and by the time we changed and got our clothes cleaned up, it was almost 10pm before we could get out for dinner. The town is larger than I expected and our hotel is very nice – a bit old fashioned and frumpy, but clean, warm, and comfortable. Being a Sunday night, most places were closed but we managed to find a nice restaurant still serving “small bites.” As such, our dinner ended up being an assortment of meatballs, summer sausage, olives, bread, cheese and a surprisingly nice bottle of Spanish Novarra – a red wine and I’m not sure if Novarra is the actual varietal or what. It’s Monday morning now and quite sunny! We are going to see the John Frost bridge (the sight of a famous WWII battle) and then leave for Dusseldorf, which is 75 miles away. I’ll try to take more photos today – yesterday just wasn’t too conducive to it with the rain and all. Forgot to add the map from yesterday's ride, so here it is:

3 Responses to Amsterdam to Arnhem

  1. Jason says:

    Post some pics of the loaded bikes when you get a chance.

    • Tod says:

      I’ll take some pictures today. There is a picture of my bike in the Equipment section, but I have different wheels now.

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