Off Day in Bellagio

After 5 straight days of riding, a lot of which was difficult, we rested our legs in Bellagio on Friday. The weather was warm but drizzly with some afternoon showers, so I didn't take a lot of photos. We spent the day wandering around, visiting a local sports shop to get a new tube and patch kit, and generally just enjoying the little town's shops, cafes, and restaurants. We have a long day ahead of us (95 miles) that begins with a tough climb right from the start. The climb ends at the Church of St. Ghisallo, which is a shrine to the patron saint of cycling. There is also a cycling museum that we hope to check out. Here is a link if you're interested. Here are a few photos:

The cloudy morning almost gave way to sunshine, but then we got afternoon showers.

This was taken from the little restaurant area of our hotel. Only a small view of the lake, but the hotel grounds and surrounding buildings are quite attractive.

Lunch started with mixed green salads and carpaccio

Lunch also included 2 pizzas; Paul threw in an order of fries for good measure. :)

No pictures of dinner, but I had some of the best lasagna ever made - yum!!

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