Viterbo to Rome

DAY 21 (Aug 12): Viterbo to Roma!, 1205, 55, 3890 ft, 71 ft/mi DAYS 22 & 23 (Aug 13 & Aug 14): rest days in Rome DAY 24 (Aug 15): depart for home
  • hill at start, downhill and small rollers into town
  • staying in very center near ancient sites on the east bank of the Tiber, a short walk from the center
  • this might help:
  • lots of ancient sites: forum, coliseum, pantheon, zillions of other stuff (see this in the afternoons and church stuff in AM)
  • Vatican City: St Peter’s, Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum (go early in the morning for minimal lines for all these), St, Peter’s Square, tour of the Roman Necropolis under St. Peters with the tomb of St. Peter (e-mail the Vatican way in advance to get a limited ticket)
  • staying at: The St. Regis Rome

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