Flüelen to Bellizona

DAY 12 (Aug 3): Fluelen to Bellizona, 679, 76, 8719 ft, 115 ft/mi Today is the largest climb of the trip as we go straight over the Alps in one shot. The scenery and views should be spectacular.
  • The starting elevation of the ride is 1424 feet, and the summit of St Gotthard is 6917, so the total vertical gain is 5493 feet - more than a mile straight up!
    • The climb gets going in earnest in the town of Dorfli and continues up for about 21 miles.
    • The total vertical gain for this segment is 5243 feet, but the total ascent is 6457. The "extra" 1214 are from undulations during the climb
    • The average grade is 4.7%, but there is a flat section of 2 miles beginning at the 12.5 of the climb (i.e., after Dorfli). Accounting for the undulations and factoring out the flat section, a climb of 6457 feet over 19 miles is an average grade of 6.4%. Of course, the grade is not constant, so there are lots of sections where it will be steeper for a spell.
  • Bloggers say it’s not too difficult - just long. We'll see!!
  • At the summit, there are shops and dining, so a good place to have lunch and prepare for the descent
  • The descent from the summit is over cobblestones and has 37 hairpin turns (the picture at the top of the blog is this descent)
  • After the descent, it will be about 15 miles to the town of Bellizona
  • staying at: Croce Federale

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